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IVA Konferenscenter value technology and it shows with our acquisition of state-of-the-art in house technical equipment.

We have on-site professional equipment and offers mobile solutions for guaranteed presence of remote participants and active audience. We can deliver your event live to your audience on the internet or invite your favorite keynote speaker to interactively deliver the important message on the event subject via telepresence. Either way, your event will live up to all the sustainability principles and goals.

Ask for an offer on any of our services. Our on-sight AV and IT technincians are at your service and full support.


IVA Konferenscenter have production facilities for filming and recording all types of meetings and events with ProRes quality, whenever needed, for your publication and distribution. Choose ProRes recording in a combination with any of the streaming alternatives, as many of our customers often do, for secure digital archiving or accessibility online.

We offer high quality webcasting productions for both live events and on demand viewings on your website or channel of your choice. We can help make your message reach out to the audience beyond the conference venue with high quality live streaming on the internet.

Video conferencing

We offer easy-to-use traditional and cloud based video conferencing facilities for remote conference speakers and conference calling for meetings on the venue. The video conference service support Microsoft Lync and or Skype for business, internet browsers, tablets and smartphones with applications for video calls, traditional conference room-based-systems and clients, as well as telephones for voice calls

It is a smart and independent meeting solutions that allows users to easily establish a video session with just a click on the device of their choice and thereby ensuring ease of collaboration while enjoying high resolution presentations, irrespective of tools.

Telephone Conference System

Our larger conference rooms have integrated conference telephone system to support a stress free meeting environment during conference calls while our smaller conference rooms are prepared to easily facilitate a mobile conference telephone to pick and deliver clear sound to participants in every location so that everyone can hear and be heard.

Sound and image recording – On-demand

Whether your events have been broadcasted live on the internet or not, video on demand is the most effective way of preserving and prolonging the value of your events. A video on demand will provide all your intended audience the full and unlimited access to your messages directly on your website, corporate intranet or any channel of your choice. We produce high quality video on demand and high resolution slides as they are.

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