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Food & Beverages

Our conference lunch menus are updated every other week and always offer a choice of meat, fish or poultry. All guests choose the same menu. We do, however, always offer options for guests with special dietary needs. Here are the current menus for the next few weeks.

The current menus are only available in swedish. Visit the swedish version below too se them or contact us for more information in english.

Swedish version »

The conference lunch includes salad, bread & butter, a lunch beverage, coffee and a chocolate. All of the guests agree on one of our menus (meat, fish or poultry). If you have any special requests, e.g. for guests with food allergies or vegetarians, we will place a special order. Please inform us at the time you book the room. Cancelations and changes made less than four working days before a conference will incur a charge. All of the menus above cost SEK 265 per person excluding VAT.

Set prices & Lunch

  • Conference lunch SEK 265
    Includes main course, bread & butter, lunch beverage, coffee and a chocolate.
  • Morning refreshments SEK 90
    Coffee/tea, open sandwiches and a glass of freshly-squeezed juice/smoothie.
  • Afternoon refreshments SEK 90
    Coffee/tea and baked goods served on buffet.
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT. Contact us for more information on set prices and lunches: +46 (0)8 791 30 00